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900 Series Boardrunner, High Pressure, High Flow Electric Valve

Cold Glue Adhesive Dispensing Valve

BoardRunnerィ non-contact and contact extrusion gluing stations are equipped with the all-electric 900 Series Glue Valve for precise and reliable adhesive dispensing application. Providing unparalleled, high-speed performance, the 900 series valve is capable of achieving over 250 million cycles before requiring any major maintenance. Compared to pneumatically activated extrusion valves, the 900 series powerful coil results in extremely accurate and repeatable glue patterns. Its high-pressure capabilities ensure the valve is compatible with any adhesive, including high-viscosity formulas.

The valve also features an impact-resistant, engineered ceramic plunger tip and seat, which leads the industry in durability, as well as Valco Melton’s unique quick-disconnect feature for applicator head and glue hose connections. Titanium-coated hardened tool steel applicator heads are available in various pattern widths, and are equipped with quick disconnects for fast changeovers.


• Powerful, high-speed coil for glue viscosities up to 6000 cps

• Large flow orifices for use with low-pressure systems

• Two different engineered ceramics are used for the ball and seat for maximum life

• Precise and repeatable glue patterns compared to pneumatically activated valves

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