SDrum Series Drum Unloaders

200L High Melt Rate Gear Pump Drum Melter

The Valco Melton SDrum Series Melter is designed for high melt rates and precision dispensing of a wide variety of heated adhesive and sealant materials. Configurable to meet application requirements, the SDrum is a versatile design for continuous operation in a variety of manufacturing environments. Melt rates will vary with adhesive and platen selection, but up to 475 pounds per hour can be achieved, based on PSA adhesive at 10,000 CPS. Flat platens will have a significantly lower melt rate due to lower available power and melting efficiency.

• The ideal solution for processing large quantities of EVA, PS, and PUR hot melt adhesives

• Utilize a true melt-on-demand supply of adhesive – Only the adhesive in contact with the platen is molten

• A completely sealed system – the best choice for PUR and other reactive materials

• Can use different melting plates depending on the capacity and conductivity of the required hot melt

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