Hochdruck-Faltschachtel-Beleimungssystem CartonPRO®

  • Product Type:
    • Cold Glue Dispensing Equipment
    • Cold Glue Systems and Glue Stations
  • Market Category:
    • Folding Carton
    • Folding Carton | Auto-Lock Box Manufacturing
    • Folding Carton | Beverage Carton and Carrier Manufacturing
    • Folding Carton | Carton Manufacturing for Consumer Goods
    • Folding Carton | Cigarette Case Manufacturing
    • Folding Carton | Mailer and Pocket Folder Manufacturing
    • Folding Carton | Making Cosmetic Boxes and Personal Access Cartons
    • Folding Carton | Making Four and Six Corner Boxes
    • Folding Carton | Packaging Confectionary Goods
    • Folding Carton | Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Carton Manufacturing
    • Folding Carton | Quick Service Restaurant Carton Manufacturing
    • Packaging
    • Packaging | End-Load Cartoning

Valco Melton’s folding carton equipment packages have been specifically created to retrofit each folder-gluer make and model. From one make ready to another, it’s no problem. Your system will be custom fit to meet the application requirements of your product. A number of glue system layouts are available with a variety of valve styles and configurations. CartonPRO® Glue System Controls Valco Melton offers a range of glue system controls, from the low-costMCP-4 glue system control, to the sophisticated OT-120 touchscreen with graphical user interface, Valco Melton has a solution to meet your specific production requirements. Featuring Valco Melton’s CartonPRO® software specifically developed for folding carton production, the OT-120/VCX controls are easy-to-use and offer gluing, inspection and other quality assurance capabilities that will enhance production and customer satisfaction. With CartonPRO®, a special “wizard” guides the user through the setup process making sure that every aspect of gluing and quality assurance has been correctly configured. The simple touchscreen using CartonPRO® software focuses you operations away from the gluing equipment and back to what matters most in your production line. The MCP-4C horizontal control can be used with an extensive selection of Valco Melton’s cold glue or hot melt adhesive dispensing valves including high-speed, non-contact, spot, fine-line, and ribbon pattern gluing. The MCP-4 control fits nicely with Valco Melton’s CompactProductionPlus® low cost alternative system. CartonPRO® Inspection & Quality Assurance The Valco Melton system is capable of monitoring at all machine speeds. A single color code reader is available to alert for mixed-copy, faded or missing color, print and die-cut registration. Additional sensors are capable of glue pattern inspection, window/insert detection, and skewed and double-feed monitoring. Systems can include carton ejector, defect marking equipment, and high-speed glue valves for complex glue patterns. The system also offers data collection capabilities for job statistics and quality control reports. Having all these abilities within a single control unit makes these controls an ultimate tool for high-speed gluing and quality assurance. CartonPRO® Adhesive Dispensing Systems Valco Melton offers the largest selection of cold glue systems and hot melt compatible parts & equipment. Adhesive dispensing options include the 300 and 500 Series Cold Glue Valves offer unmatched speed and reliability. The 300 Series electric valve can apply extremely short patterns and high machine speeds. For single and multi-orifice nozzles, the 500 Series valve can quickly convert from non-contact to contact and is suitable for applications up to 4,500 cps. Valco Melton’s cold glue valves are ideal for folding carton and specialty folder-gluer applications. The MX Series electric valve is suitable for applications for hot melt requiring high line speeds, fast cycle rates, and long service life. The MX Series hot melt applicator is a solenoid-operated dispensing valve that accurately applies adhesive patterns at high speeds. Valco Melton’s hot melt glue valves are compatible with industry standard hoses and tanks.

Product Specifications

Valco Melton bietet eine vollständige Auswahl an kompatiblen Ersatzteilen für Kalt- und Heißleimgeräte. Zusätzliche CartonPRO-Systemkomponenten sind:
  • Zu den Schmelzgeräte gehören die neue Serie Evolution C und die Systemserie VPUR für PUR-Klebstoffe
  • Zu den Pumpen gehören die DD-1-Membranpumpe für Klebstoffauftrag mit niedrigem und die EVP-6-Kolbenpumpe für Klebstoffauftrag mit hohem Druck.