Textile Industry Solutions

Textile industry applications work with a variety of adhesive types, such as PSA, PUR, EVA or PO, and TPU’s. Valco Melton offers melting and dosing systems that adapt to the specific features of each adhesive type.

SmartDrum Unloaders perform as pre-melter when working with adhesives delivered in 200L drums. When working with PSA’s, SmarMelt Units work as buffer tanks for thermal stabilization and optimal dosing control. In addition to this, Isomelt Units preserve adhesive properties and prevent degradation when working with PUR.

For adhesives such as EVA or PO, and TPU’s, MEX Extruder Series are usually better suited, whether they work as pre-melting systems for a SmartMelt Unit buffer tank, or directly supply the coating head, incorporating pumping stations for dosing accuracy.

Typical adhesive application processes in the textile industry include roller coatings, spray coatings with FlexSpray Applicators, or contact coatings with Endurance Series Applicators.

Hot Melt Application over Textiles